Stretches- 2 sets of 30 secs
Supine cow Stretch
modified pigeon
seated spinal twist
Rainbows – 3 sets of 15
Frog Thrusts- 3 sets of 10
One legged hip thrusts – 3 sets of 10
squat- 4 sets of 10
Hip Squat- 3 sets of 15

Today I worked the dreaded, butt, everso sought after glutes. While training in my living room, my daughter would crawl over, and want to touch my weights. My daughter Elizabeth is very interested in my weights, bands, and yoga mat. I hope to show her a love of fitness as she grows older. Having a child makes it difficult at times to workout at home, but, not impossible. I love working out where my daughter can see all of my workout. the struggles, the successes, and the I want to quit moments, I want my daughter to see it all.
During the workout ensure to keep the workouts slow and controlled. Pay attention to form, making sure you do not perform the exercise improperly. Improper form could cause injury later down the line or directly after the exercise. Keep a hydration source near you during the workout. Hydration is key to attaining an effective workout.
Later today I will be uploading a video on my instagram showing tid bits of my glute workout. #cottonfitt