I do not count calories, and I do not count macros. However, I do understand the basis of what foods contain the highest starches. There are days in the week my body and muscles feel overloaded on carbohydrates. The days I feel this way are the days I eat at a lower carb count. I am not doing this to starve myself, I simply do this to help my body regulate and not feel puffy any more.

Todays Menu

(this is not a meal plan for you to use. It is an idea of what works for my body and what might work for you. Everyone’s body is different, your caloric intake may need to higher or lower than mine.)

Zucchini muffin
2 eggs
Italian sausage


Strawberry, lemon poppy seed salad
Turkey slices
lemon water

Black coffee w/pure cane sugar

cut raw veggies

garlic , herb and butter tilapia
mixed veggies

almond milk

hot tea

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